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NUDURA Insulated Concrete Form


Building a new home or commercial building?

You owe it to yourself and your project to spent 10 minutes learning about the best building product for the exterior walls.

NUDURA Insulated Concrete Forms
NUDURA Insulated Concrete Forms sounds mundane but do not let the product name fool you, especially when this building product will do the following:

  • Protect you from hurricanes.
  • Provide a thermal and structural shell around your valuables.
  • Significantly reduce your energy costs.
  • Create a quiet comfortable living area.
  • Minimizes fire and moisture perils.

NUDURA Integrated Building Technology

The technology and the installers are here today in Southeastern Virginia and North Eastern North Carolina. Put it all to work for you on your next project. We introduced ICF construction to the area in 1993 and have been steadily building a better world with ICF ever since. Today, we still believe it is simply the best permanent building system. The best part is that it pays for itself overtime through significant energy savings. It is essentially receiving hurricane and fire protection for free!!!
For additional information contact us at 757-427-2929.
See for details and see their YouTube channel for more videos.

“A tornado cannon hurls two by fours into wall panels to demonstrate how wood stud and concete construction stand up to hurricane-force winds. The Polysteel concrete construction is a feature in Miller Custom Homes green-built Homearama home because of its energy-efficiency. “

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