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ERVIN Architectural Products’ parent company is Ervin Moulding and Trim Co., Inc. Our roots run deep in custom mouldings and specialty millwork items fabricated out of all species of wood and cellular pvc. See the link below for a downloadable copy of our millwork catalog. We are proud to be able to offer cost effective moulding replication services, matching your existing mouldings perfectly.

Our millwork shop is located in rural Suffolk. We strive to operate our business in a sustainable fashion. The shavings and wood byproducts created by our shop are reclaimed and used in a biomass energy conversion process that yields briquettes which we use to heat our shop in the winter. The briquettes also work well in fire pits and wood stoves as fuel.

TREES – Timber Reclamation

ERVIN Architectural Products participates in the reclamation of local trees that are brought down in clearing operations or by natural means, such as storms. If you have trees that may have value to you or your project, please contact Reid at 757-427-2929 for a brief discussion regarding potential uses for your trees. We have reused trees for flooring, trim, paneling, mantels, etc.

Check out our Moulding and Trim Catalog

The process is simple.

  1. Ervin Architectural Products evaluation of existing trees. Estimated yield computed.
  2. Tree service or nature brings down the tree. (We will provide specifications regarding cutting.)
  3. The tree milled to Ervin Architectural Products specifications into green lumber.
  4. The lumber kiln dried.
  5. Ervin Architectural Products milling into desired products.
  6. Finished Products are delivered back to the project site.

Producing rough cut lumber from reclaimed pine trees. Wood is too good to burn. Ervin Architectural Products is proud to partner with you in reclaiming the beauty of natural wood products for use on your next project.

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